Sem Regras 04 Janeiro 2020 # RUM

Sem Regras 
Luís Santos Gomes 
Sábados das 20 às 21 
INSIDE: URCO=you failed me/COLD SHOWERS=kinetic/THE MARCHESA CASATI=snakes/MELDAMOR=gloom/SONSOMBRE=lights out/BLACK SWAN LANE=silence of the heart/ROSETTA STONE=an eye for the main chance/ISOLATED YOUTH=voodoo/TALKING HEADS=warning sign/TELEVISION=venus/SYLVIA PLATH & THE SLITS=ariel/THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI=they only come out at night/RENDEZ-VOUS=youth/AUDRA=drinking yourself to sleep/(AN)UNCOMING CALL=resign/SHADOWLANDS=blame e MODEL MORNING=expectation is the reason why