Sem Regras 25 Agosto 2018 # RUM

Sem Regras 
Luís Santos Gomes 
Sábados das 20 às 21

INSIDE: A SLICE OF LIFE=sweet sin/A SLICE OF LIFE=caroline/LES YEUX SANS VISAGE=little girl/BOXES OF BLOW=no thing can change,it still remains/THE CLASH=hitsville uk/THE OPPOSITION=I want to believe/BELGRADO=in my head/HANGING GARDENS=corpus/LUR LUR=the river/VIDEO SHOPPE=the gate/LUNA=that's what you always say/TRISOMIE 21=take the shock away/THIS ETERNAL DECAY=away/MOTORAMA=one moment/IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN=saturnine/GRAND DUCHY=white out e BLIND SEAGULL=peau sensible

And I never dreamed all the things I could see #4