Sem Regras 22 Setembro 2018 # RUM

Sem Regras 
Luís Santos Gomes 
Sábados das 20 às 21

INSIDE: CABARET GREY=camels/SONSOMBRE=should I go on/A SLICE OF LIFE=sweet sin/ECHOES OF SILENCE=julian/BETTIE SERVEERT=something so wild/MITRA MITRA=telescopes/ATOMIC NEON=stranger things/BEAUTY IN CHAOS feat.ASHTON NYTE=storm/POPTONE=heartbreak hotel/DnA=jack the ripper/ASTARI NITE=unfulfilled promise/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=obscure/SPOON GOD=teenage death gang/STILL CORNERS=the message/BRAGOLIN=in our field of oaks e LUNA=that's what you always say 

Dead Curtis - The Second Coming