LINK https://soundcloud.com/santos-gomes

INSIDE:HORDA 130=pink/THE MOANERS=paradise club/THE WALKABOUTS=have you ever seen the morning/BAD ASTRONAUT=passenger/LUR LUR=Please Please Please/PERE UBU=michelle/ROGERS SISTERS=I wanna be purely evil/TODD SNIDER=fortunate son/SPIRITUALIZED=never goin'back/SHOCKING PINKS=emily/PHILLIP BOA & VOODOO CLUB=to the saints/MAP OF AFRICA=black skin blue eyed boys/THE XX=teardrops/THE DREAMS NEVER END=eternal/THE GOD MACHINE=home/GÉMEOS ARIZONA=LSD/PYLON=feast on my heart/BROKEN TABLES=image of you/A JIGSAW=letters from the boatman e THE STOLEN MINKS=bring it


INSIDE:THE PAPER ROAD=just pretty/BORN A LION=my black horse/TABLOÏD=second day glad to be sad/OFFICER KICKS=god's shoes/ROTUAL HOWLS=helm/THE ROPE=where the bones lie/DEAD CURTIS=the second coming/THE BASEMENT=lies/IMPERSONATE OR DIE=fast,fast,hit the road!/OBITS=pine on/ASH CODE=waves with no shores/RITON=killing an aaaarab/THE TIGHTS=bad hearts/IGGY POP=run like a villain/GARY NUMAN=dominion day/THE PONYS=we shot the world/THE VEILS=the letter/STARS=celebration guns e OPERATOR PLEASE=just a song about ping pong.  

Cafe Lanai "Lanai"

Max Cooper and Tom Hodge "Remnants (Satirist Remix)"

Grandbrothers "Wuppertal"

Parra for Cuva "Champa (Kate Simko Remix)"

Mas Ysa - Arrows (Love Thy Brother Remix)