Where Is My Mind?

is what gives when you join a cult movie with a song of a lifetime .

Sem Regras 15 Dezembro 2018 # RUM

Sem Regras 
Luís Santos Gomes 
Sábados das 20 às 21  

INSIDE: MARTA RAYA=automatisch/LOVELY HEROIN=let me escape/TALK TO HER=zodiac/FOTOCRIME=gods in the dark/THE FALL=Bill is dead/KILL SHELTER feat. PEDRO CODE=hollow/GALATÉE=je suis ici pour partir/THE BONNECOLLECTORS=bela lugosis dead/THE CLASH=hate war/THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE=the church of the goat/WHISPERING SONS=fragments/HUMAN=feeding the ocean/SYNTHS VERSUS ME=are friends electric/ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN=bring on the dancing horses/A SLICE OF LIFE=restless gods/ST. VINCENT=perfect day e HANTE. remix ANTIPOLE, PARIS ALEXANDER=empty space